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I’ve sort of been slacking on the cooking. We’ve eaten pizza. We’ve eaten fast food. We’ve eaten crap I wouldn’t feed my dog! I’ve been trying to drop some weight and have been exercising at the gym at college, however, eating horribly will do no good! Counter productive I say! So, back to cooking as vegan/vegetarian as I possibly can. Not to mention I love trying to see what I can make without animal products.  This dish has no name, and its sort of a concoction of my own. I found this AMAZING roasted potato recipe for oven potatoes, but, I didn’t have any time to do such a thing in the oven, so I threw some canned potatoes in a pan with the seasoning of the oven potatoes, added some mushrooms and veggies and sauteed them in olive oil.

So here’s the jist:

1 can of potatoes
1 small can of shittake mushrooms (watch the brand! These had MSG in it, yuck.)
3 pieces of bok choy
1/2 cup of peas
About 3 tablespoons of olive oil
1 teaspoon of each – oregano, basil, paprika
A dash of salt and pepper

Heat the oil and add potatoes (be careful, the oil might spatter since these were stored in water) let them cook a bit since you want the potaotes crispier than the other items. Add the bok choy, I did mine whole because I like the way it looks, ha ha. Then the mushrooms. Add the seasoning, and flip the bok choy after a little while.  Keep stiring the veggies so the potatoes get nice and golden on all sides.

You could probably add some tofu or tempeh to this to add some protein, possibly some nuts? I’d think this would be yummy with sunflower seeds!
(Sorry for the horrible photo, my camera is broken and I had to use my nintendo ds camera!)



Escherichia coli: Gram negative rod off a cult...


-A system is a combination of components that function together.
-Systems biology constructs models for the dynamic behavior of whole biological systems.
-The systems approach poses questions such as:
How does a drug for blood pressure effect other organs?
How does increasing CO2 alter the biosphere?

I’ve been copying notes since 1 pm with a few short breaking in between. It is now 2:17 am. My fingernail has a permanent resting spot on the inside of my other finger. I’m pretty sure I should stop writing now, before my fingers fall off. But, this is what I have to do in order to study my class materials. I don’t know any other studying techniques and I can’t find any type of information online, so I do what works, and unfortunately what works is long and tedious. I’d love to have another method for memorization and learning, but, oh well. I guess this is what works for me, at the price of possible carpal tunnel during my college career.

I was perusing my online class’s discussion board which we are required to post on at least 16 times during the semester. I’m pretty sure I’m over 16 posts already seeing as the people who inhabit the board are idiots! Today there was a battle of the brains about how vaccines are horrible and only make people sick. I posted something along the lines of “If that’s what you think, go get the real disease and then talk to me about sick, jackass. Why do you think the measles are coming back to the States? Because we stopped vaccinating for it because we thought we “immune” to it, that we had defeated its existence. WRONG. People and children are dying from it because its not “required” anymore. All vaccines are good vaccines. Period, no matter if you get a little ill from them.” That was just the general jist of it, of course I was more polite and thorough with my post as to not be accused of being demeaning by the instructor.

Also, something else that really got me revved up was one of those people who thinks being a vegetarian makes them better than us omnivores. Don’t get me wrong, I respect people who are veggies for the correct reasons, but I don’t respect the people who participate solely because they think its cool and trendy and don’t really know much about it. So anyway, we were on the E.coli outbreak topic, and this person had the audacity to say “Not to be preachy, but I’m sure glad I went vegetarian 4 years ago.” Dear, Asshole. Did you forget what happened 4 years ago? Do ya? Huh? There was GOD DAMNED E.COLI OUTBREAK in the spinach crops! No one is safe! E.coli can happen to most any food. NOT just meats and animal products, jackass.” Once again, that’s the general jist. I was more polite and thorough with my explanation. So maybe I was a little too irritated by all that, but oh well, I cant take the stupidity, that’s all!

In other news, a large photo frame fell off the wall today and landed on my ankle. Fantastic. Just what my brain dead ankles need, more concussions. I wonder if they make safety helmets for ankles… probably not.

In other-other news, the dogs are wondering why the hell I’m still awake.

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