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If there’s anything I hate more than being bored, that being bored while anxiously awaiting a certain point in time. I’m talking about summer break. How boring it is. How boring it is…

I’m a big dork. That’s all I can say. I love college. I love going to the campus and sitting in classes and taking notes. I love feeling like I’m actually attempting to improve my future life. I love my major and what I’ll be doing for the rest of my being. I’m going to work harder this semester than I ever have strived for anything in my life, ever. I need to get accepted to the Vet program. This is my last chance. I do, however, have a back-up plan. But, its not my ultimate choice.

I have a passion for seeing animals happy and healthy and in a loving environment, the canine species, especially. That’s why I want to be a vet tech. I want to care for and teach people about their chosen companion animal, and how important it is to love them unconditionally, and provide them with whatever they may need to be most happy.

What I’m trying to say is, pets are not disposable. And it seems that no matter how hard you try to teach people this concept, it just doesn’t click. Ignorant, cold hearted individuals that get rid of pets because they are an “inconvenience”.  What disturbs me most are owners who give away pets in their old age. You loved them while they were young, but now that they need medication or have problems controlling their bladders, you’re going to go ahead and throw them away when they need you most. How do you think they feel? Abandoned, unwanted and unloved. Confused. Scared. All the same exact emotions you, a person, would feel if you were left alone, given away. Just because they are of a different species, does not mean they don’t feel. You picked them. They had no say in the matter. I’m pretty sure, if they had the choice, and knew you were going to abandon them in their old age, they would have picked a family who would love them until their little doggie hearts beat no more.

Another thing thats really been bothering me is the story of Faith, Hope and Charity.
Read their story here

How sick and twisted does one have to be to do this to puppies and feel no remorse! And how sick and twisted the legal system is to let these boy go unpunished?! And the boys father, What is he doing about it? Nothing, because he bred these dogs to fight. They mean nothing to him. Hurting animals is proven to be a “prerequisite,” per se, to serial killers and other more intense criminal actions. They did not mention the boys age but, excuse me, if he is so overwhelmed with hormones, why not introduce yourself to Lefty and Righty? Or go to a sex shop! They sell things to satisfy men!! Leave the poor puppies alone. What he did to these dogs is just downright wrong, and required surgery to fix what he did. Charity is dead because of this boys disgusting act of animal abuse.
Food for thought. Love your pet.


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