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I’ve been cooking a lot of different things as of late, here are some photos.
This is the end of the cherries! I made some cherry brownies with pretty pastel sprinkles yesterday. They were delicious!!

These are jiaozi 饺子 (chinese dumplings) a friend and I also made these. They got so pretty! This is my first of many chinese dishes to come, or should I say Zhonggou cai!  中国 菜!!

In these dumplings are: 1 package of ground pork, chives, fresh ginger root, fresh cabbage, fish sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Everything is just put together to your taste, no measuring done, then wrapped in dumpling or wonton wrappers. They are then boiled until the pork is cooked. To get the nice golden brown crisp I then put them into a hot frying pan with a bit of oil and fried them up quickly. Dip in soy sauce or chili sauce before eating. The wrapping takes the longest, cooking is quick. Try them sometime! You wont be disappointed.

On our ingredient buying excursion I stopped at a wine and spirit store for the first time since I reached drinking age and picked up some Sake!! I didn’t know Sake came in many different flavors such as cherry and plum.



On Sunday the boy and I went to the local pick-your-own farm and picked ourselves 6 pounds of black cherries right off the trees! I contemplated what to make with all these pretty little fruits, and finally came to the chocolate cherry muffin conclusion!  I found out that de-pitting cherries without a tool is quite the neck workout! They turned out very chocolaty and very delicious!


A trip to the garden section of K-mart resulted in a cute little box garden in my backyard. I had planted a lot more than has actually grown, I think it did not grow because of the rain. I’m sure the rain washed the tiny seeds away. I am, however, very proud of my strawberries!

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