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      I’ve been craving stuffed shells for a long time, so I figured why not try them vegan? So I did, and they got YUMMY. My only complaint though, is I should have blanched the spinach and basil before mixing it into the tofu ricotta. Oh well, it still tasted good. =D
<– again with the ugly nintendo ds camera!

Heres there jist for the “ricotta”:
1 package tofu (most tofu ricottas call for firm, but I used silken, since I wanted it creamy.)

Salt &Pepper
1/4c olive oil
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Chop the basil and spinach (cook or blanch it if you want.) Mix that all together in a bowl. I used and old fashioned potato masher. Set aside.

Pasta & Sauce & Bread:
1 Box of your favorite jumbo shells
1 Jar of your favorite pasta sauce. I used garden vegetable style because I like the zucchini chunks.
3 Rolls ( froze some almost stale hoagie rolls just for this occasion!! Almost stale bread gets nice and crispy in the oven!)
Vegetable spread

Cook pasta to near done. Drain and cool a bit. You should have your oven preheating to 350F.  I lined a Pyrex baking dish with tin foil because cleaning cooked on tomato sauce sucks! Open the pasta sauce and put a little in the bottom of the pan to keep the shells from sticking. You can also spray some non-stick spray on the foil if your into that kinda thing. Start filling the  shells with the r

icotta mixture and lay them in the pan face up. Dump the rest of the sauce on top and put it in the oven for 10 or 15 minutes.

Garlic bread is easy! Slice the rolls in half, slather with a bit of spread, dash of garlic and some parsely and shove those in the oven too! When they are nice and golden and crispy, they are done! Take the shells out before the bread or your pasta will get hard.


Basil plant leaves.

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My basil and mint plants are HUMONGOUS! I’m going to have to pick and dry it all because there is no way I will be able to use it. However,  I will be making basil lemonade. Basil lemonade you say? Whats that? Only the most delicious lemonade you will ever taste! Don’t snub your nose, its really awesome!

Just whip up some lemonade and add some crushed fresh basil and let it soak. You can do this with strawberry lemonade too. It gives such a different flavor and the basil stays very light. I think it adds sweetness.


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