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I’ve sort of been slacking on the cooking. We’ve eaten pizza. We’ve eaten fast food. We’ve eaten crap I wouldn’t feed my dog! I’ve been trying to drop some weight and have been exercising at the gym at college, however, eating horribly will do no good! Counter productive I say! So, back to cooking as vegan/vegetarian as I possibly can. Not to mention I love trying to see what I can make without animal products.  This dish has no name, and its sort of a concoction of my own. I found this AMAZING roasted potato recipe for oven potatoes, but, I didn’t have any time to do such a thing in the oven, so I threw some canned potatoes in a pan with the seasoning of the oven potatoes, added some mushrooms and veggies and sauteed them in olive oil.

So here’s the jist:

1 can of potatoes
1 small can of shittake mushrooms (watch the brand! These had MSG in it, yuck.)
3 pieces of bok choy
1/2 cup of peas
About 3 tablespoons of olive oil
1 teaspoon of each – oregano, basil, paprika
A dash of salt and pepper

Heat the oil and add potatoes (be careful, the oil might spatter since these were stored in water) let them cook a bit since you want the potaotes crispier than the other items. Add the bok choy, I did mine whole because I like the way it looks, ha ha. Then the mushrooms. Add the seasoning, and flip the bok choy after a little while.  Keep stiring the veggies so the potatoes get nice and golden on all sides.

You could probably add some tofu or tempeh to this to add some protein, possibly some nuts? I’d think this would be yummy with sunflower seeds!
(Sorry for the horrible photo, my camera is broken and I had to use my nintendo ds camera!)



So, like always, I love experimenting with new foods. I’m really into vegetarian/vegan foods right now because I find them really, really intriguing. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with how farm animals are treated, but its really the substitutions that really get me. I was looking at a brownie recipe (that looked really, really delicious!) that did not use any granulated sugar at all. Instead, they used brown rice syrup. I did not know that rice can make syrup! I mean, if you look at it biologically, any plant can make sugar, seeing as they create their own glucose… but… really, I find that so fascinating.

Another thing I find quite interesting is vegan Jell-0. Of course vegans do not use gelatin because its an animal product, so what is substituted is Ager-ager. Auger is derived from seaweed. I used this stuff on a almost daily basis in my microbiology class to culture and grow bacteria! Who knew you could actually eat it. I think I might share that with my professor on Tuesday.

So, asked the boy what he’d like for dinner. I got the usual “I dunno” answer. Off to the grocery store we went. I had earlier saw a vegetarian rice and bean recipe on the internet that I was interested in making. I’m starting with simple recipes because I don’t want to screw something up, have it taste, horrible, and then have the boy be turned off to vegetarian dishes. I am on a never ending quest to get him to eat more veggies and healthier.

So this is what I cooked up:

Brown rice
Carrot (shredded)
Black beans
Firm tofu (cubed, which will turn into smaller pieces from the stir-frying)
Diced tomato and juice
2 garlic cloves
Black pepper
Fresh oregano
Fresh basil
Sazon (Spanish seasoning, orange color)
Chili powder

It was very, very tasty, and I will make it again. If you do not like chili powder, you can always omit that ingredient. I know some people do not like peppers. The boy had two servings and didn’t pick out the beans or carrots! This meal was defiantly full of win. Mission complete.

Here is a photo of my sleeping dog I want to share. Don’t mind the messed up wall behind her. Shes such a silly dog.


I’ve been cooking a lot of different things as of late, here are some photos.
This is the end of the cherries! I made some cherry brownies with pretty pastel sprinkles yesterday. They were delicious!!

These are jiaozi 饺子 (chinese dumplings) a friend and I also made these. They got so pretty! This is my first of many chinese dishes to come, or should I say Zhonggou cai!  中国 菜!!

In these dumplings are: 1 package of ground pork, chives, fresh ginger root, fresh cabbage, fish sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Everything is just put together to your taste, no measuring done, then wrapped in dumpling or wonton wrappers. They are then boiled until the pork is cooked. To get the nice golden brown crisp I then put them into a hot frying pan with a bit of oil and fried them up quickly. Dip in soy sauce or chili sauce before eating. The wrapping takes the longest, cooking is quick. Try them sometime! You wont be disappointed.

On our ingredient buying excursion I stopped at a wine and spirit store for the first time since I reached drinking age and picked up some Sake!! I didn’t know Sake came in many different flavors such as cherry and plum.


On Sunday the boy and I went to the local pick-your-own farm and picked ourselves 6 pounds of black cherries right off the trees! I contemplated what to make with all these pretty little fruits, and finally came to the chocolate cherry muffin conclusion!  I found out that de-pitting cherries without a tool is quite the neck workout! They turned out very chocolaty and very delicious!

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