So… I’ve been hearing rather horrible things about the science department at Kutztown.

“I know someone who said they came out of there knowing more from LCCC.”
“KU is only good for art and education.”
“Forget KU, go to Del Val.”

So, I suppose I’m forgetting about KU and going to Delaware valley. Delaware valley is a REALLY nice school, and its known for its fantastic science department. I guess it’s rather hard for a science school to have a bad science department.
It seems like I’m really indecisive about what/where I want to go with my life, but I’ve really got a method to my madness. I just want the best possible outcome I can get, and if my interest changes along the way that’s fine with me. Isn’t that called something like “personal growth?” No one should get irritated with me along the way since its my journey and I’ll go where ever the winding road takes me.

“Everyday is a winding road,
I get a little bit closer,
Everyday is a faded sign,
I get a little bit closer to feeling fine.”

On a plus side, Delaware valley awards money based on the GPA you transfer to their institution with. A hefty sum at that, anywhere from $5,000-10,000 on a GPA scale from 2.5-4.0. Thats a really nice chunk of free money, seeing as the semesters tuition is only around $13,000.

In other news, last night I wrote a frantic E-mail to my nutrition instructor. I had taken a quiz which I had felt very confident about. The results said I got a 0%. So, I quickly typed up a letter explaining what happened and if there was some sort of mistake. She probably thought I was insane since she said I had gotten 12/15 correct. I sent her a screen shot of it, just to prove my sanity. Ha, ha.

Also, while we are talking about college, there was an incident with switching professors the other day. So, I have the pleasure of having an retired high school teacher as a college professor. My last years lab professor and I talk on a regular basis since he is the instructor for the lab prior to my microbiology lab and is in the room until my micro professor shows up. I had told my last years lab instructor that he teaches like a high school teacher. The instructor responded “well…that’s because he was.” I responded with a solemn “Oh..” Now, usually, people would be happy to have an easy instructor, but this man drags out every single explanation… forever! “Dear Jesus I already know how to use a microscope! We don’t need to talk about the parts and instructions for  an hour and a half! You don’t need to read the details of the lab assignment! If I have a question, I will ask! I can follow directions, Sir!” Arrrgh!! So, thats not even the story. That was some back information. I go down to the administration office and request to change professors. They said “Oh, well you cant do that anymore, the last day to change was on Friday.” (This day is Wednesday of the next week mind you, and Ive only had this class once so far.) I was dumb founded. These people are seriously not going to let me change a class time because there was a DEADLINE? I know colleges have rules and such… but… ITS MY GOD DAMNED MONEY I’M PAYING YOU, AND IF I WANT TO CHANGE A CLASS IN THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF SCHOOL I THINK I SHOULD HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY!!! Well, I’m glad I got that explosion out. Anywho…

So, the boy has been sleeping since about 4:00 PM, and it is now 8:21. I’ve tried waking him on multiple occasions and he hasn’t budged, or he’s thrown a fit like a kid not wanting to go to school. It’s a never ending cycle. He goes to sleep for hours after work because hes so tired, then wakes up so late that he can’t fall asleep at the proper time to wake up at 5 am, it’s one big ball of annoyance. Whatever. Be tired.

Back on the topic of college. I have about a year left at LCCC, then I will be transferring. If I decided to go to DelVal we will have to move closer to Doylestown, but not to close, because I don’t want the boy to have to drive forever to get to work. I google mapped everything and it seems that Quakertown is the most convenient location for both of us. It is about a 30 minute drive for us both to go where we need to be. Thats a pretty descent drive time, and I know a few people who live in Quakertown and they haven’t said too many horrible things about the place, so I’m assuming its an okay place to reside. I like Quakertown because there is “country living,” which is exactly what I want. I want a cute little house with a nice size yard. Oh, and don’t forget the chickens!

I want farm animals so badly. I want to grow/farm a lot of my own foods. (that don’t require slaughtering fuzzies) I’d grow too attached to the animals, especially if I raised them myself, to eat the poor things. I do, however, want a really big garden with many veggies and fruits. Fruit bearing trees would be fantastic also…then I could go play in my garden when the boy decides to hibernate daily, instead of sitting on my lard ass typing nonsense.
What I really want is a place for the dogs to run… maybe someday. I hope.



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